Acoustic Roof Cladding System in Grangemouth

We were recently engaged by one of our clients to facilitate the acoustic roof cladding system installation on this 124m long x 60m wide industrial building in Grangemouth, Falkirk. The challenge was to take this tired and worn 50-year-old building and give it a new lease of life – for its new building owners.

The old asbestos roof was removed prior to our arrival on-site, however numerous structural steelwork issues with the building had to be resolved in-order-for us to install an acoustic build-up system to the roof and walls. The soundproofing of the building was one of the key points for the client – which was carefully considered throughout the project.

Our team took this tired and worn 50-year-old building and gave it not only a new lease of life, but a long-term future for its new owner courtesy of an all-new acoustic roof cladding system.

The Project

The acoustic roof and wall cladding system refurbishment took place during the spring months of 2023 and took approximately 16 weeks to complete. The key elements of the project included:

  • Adapt and refurbish all structural steelwork to house new roofing system.
  • Install an acoustic roof and wall cladding system (to facilitate soundproofing).
  • Install new membrane gutter system and external trimline gutters.
  • Install new rainwater drainage system to facilitate rainwater harvesting.
  • Install all-new weathering details over the entire structure.
  • Install new mansafe fall arrest system on all roof slopes.
Acoustic Roof Cladding System

Key Benefits

Now that the works are complete, the client can now enjoy a few key benefits:

  • The building is now wind and watertight and ready for its new purpose.
  • The structural steel framework of the building has been secured for the long-term.
  • There are several energy efficiency and sustainability benefits that will be realised in the years to come.
  • The new roof and wall cladding look superb and bring the building back up to contemporary standards.
  • The lifespan of the building has been extended for decades to come.
Acoustic Roof Cladding System
Acoustic Roof Cladding System
Acoustic Roof Cladding System

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Acoustic Roof Cladding System

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