Roof & Wall Cladding Replacement (Asbestos) in East Lothian

We were recently engaged to complete an asbestos roof and wall cladding replacement project for a company located in East Lothian. Our works, which take us nationwide, sees our on-site teams identify and resolve various industrial roofing problems of all shapes and sizes – from three key sectors – contracting, direct to client offerings and small works/maintenance and repair.

An asbestos roof and wall replacement in East Lothian. The guys have worked throughout the winter to get this project to near completion, congratulations to them for doing a fantastic job.

The Project

This project fell in to our Direct to Client offering and involved stripping an old and tired asbestos clad building and installing all new composite panels to secure the buildings long-term future and provide several key benefits for the client (highlighted below).

The project itself, completed during the winter months of 2023, took approximately 18 weeks to complete which included the following goals:

  • Removal of asbestos cement roof and wall cladding in accordance with HSE guidelines.
  • Installation of 80mm thick composite panels to the roof.
  • Installation of 80mm thick composite panels to the walls
  • Installation of factory assembled insulated rooflights.
  • Installation of plygene liner systems to valley and parapet gutters.
  • Installation of weathering detail including (corner, drip, verge, capping, and ridge flashings).
  • Install wider diameter downpipes to one elevation (increasing the capacity of outlets and downpipes).
  • Install new upstand weathering detail to protect the connection between the adjoining buildings.
  • There were other remedial works that needed completed to allow the works to be completed.

Key Benefits

Now that the works are complete, the client can now enjoy a few key benefits:

  • Peace of mind knowing that the old and tired building is now wind and watertight – not only protecting the valuable assets inside, but also protecting the long-term welfare of staff and the business.
  • The removal of all asbestos on-site also removes any health and safety related risk.
  • The lifespan of the building has been increased for the long term and associated material warranties offer additional peace of mind that any historical issues that were impacting the business are now gone.
  • The building infrastructure upgrade allows the stakeholders to fully concentrate on running their business instead of being side tracked by issues related to the performance of the building.
  • Aesthetically, the building looks great from the outside and the internal environment also benefits from additional lighting, temperature control and protection from the elements.
  • The use of insulated composite panels and insulated rooflights also aids the thermal performance of the building by increasing its associated u-value.
  • When the thermal performance of a building is improved, heating and lighting costs can also see associated benefits.

Our Service

Our approach at Industrial Roofing Scotland is very transparent, our digital tools and system allows all stakeholders to have access to real-time project information to allow task management to move ahead at pace. Real-time communications and updates can be communicated to project and on-site teams seamlessly, allowing consensus and decision making to be facilitated. This transparent approach streamlines task management, improves quality inspection, and ensures all stakeholders have the information at hand to ensure their specific needs are being met.

Insulated Composite Panel Installation in East Lothian

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