Asbestos Roof & Wall Cladding Replacement in Airdrie, Lanarkshire

We were tasked with completing an asbestos roof and wall cladding replacement for a prominent merchant in Airdrie, North Lanarkshire, just 11 miles east of Glasgow. Airdrie, known for its weaving history, has evolved into a mainly residential area with strong transportation links, making it ideal for commuters. The town boasts connections to knitwear, liqueur, and cosmetics industries, and is home to the UK’s oldest potato manufacturer, Albert Bartlett, established in 1948.

Asbestos Roof and Wall Cladding Replacement in Scotland
Asbestos Roof and Wall Cladding Replacement in Scotland

Image: The before and after from our Asbestos Roof and Wall Cladding Replacement project in Airdrie, North Lanarkshire

The Stakeholders

Various stakeholders, including the building owner, merchant, and a third-party auditor, who was tasked to oversee the works carried out by Industrial Roofing Scotland – on behalf of the client, were engaged in this project. Managing diverse stakeholder needs and perspectives requires effective communication, consensus, and clear goal setting to ensure understanding to meet required expectations

The Challenges

The building owner sought an upgrade to maintain the premises rentable appeal and to safeguard the building’s future. The merchant faced operational disruptions due to leaks impacting business activities. With the business offering distribution and collection services to both trade and the public, addressing the building’s issues became crucial for stock protection, building utilisation, and the overall health & safety of staff and visitors alike. Effective engagement and communication, facilitated by our appointed Project Manager, ensures stakeholders stay informed. Industrial Roofing Scotland Project Managers act as a central point of contact, ensuring works align with specifications, quality, and client expectations across all phases.

The Smart Decision

After exploring options, the client chose a comprehensive solution for their deteriorating asbestos roof and wall profiles. Instead of over-cladding, they opted for a complete overhaul, replacing the entire structure with modern composite panels on the roof and single-skin cladding on the walls. Additional enhancements included plygene gutter liner systems, new insulated rooflights, and colour-coordinated external flashings. This approach, though more
expensive than over-cladding, involves removing the existing framework and necessitates careful handling and disposal of asbestos waste in compliance with HSE guidelines for non-licensable and non-notifiable asbestos works.

Asbestos Roof and Wall Cladding Replacement in Scotland

The Critical Requirement

Rebuilding an entire building’s infrastructure is a time-consuming process, far from an overnight task. Consequently, a 12-week schedule was proposed for the project, with a crucial condition: the merchant’s business must continue operating seamlessly throughout the entire duration of the works

Why Industrial Roofing Scotland

The building owner, who awarded the contract, has had prior experience with Industrial Roofing Scotland. Our history with them includes gutter cleaning, leak investigation, and various cladding replacement projects.

The client was familiar with our operating procedures and our online job portal – accessible to each IRS customer. This portal provides real-time project updates, allowing stakeholders to monitor progress, access training certifications, view on-site activities each day – with before and after photos all present within the system to facilitate instant feedback. This transparent approach streamlines task management, improves quality inspection, and ensures all stakeholders have relevant information at their fingertips to approve task completion, which helps to drive the project forward.

The Transformation

Let’s discuss the project details. Given the nature of the site, maintaining business operations throughout the project was a key challenge. Clear guidelines and demarcation were crucial, requiring precise planning for materials, plant, waste, collections, and deliveries, emphasising the need for transparent communication. Limited access at the rear of the building and coordination of crane lifts added additional complexity.

Health and safety, especially considering asbestos requirements, was a top priority. The project unfolded in three phases, beginning with the removal of the asbestos cement roof sheets (and underlying insulation) and then installation of 60mm composite panels on the roof slopes. Challenges arose during this phase, with exposed areas necessitating nightly covering and emergency callouts for unforeseen weather conditions. Once the roof was secure, the focus shifted to wall cladding, swiftly followed by the installation of various weathering details, completing the building. Approximately 2200m2 of composite roof cladding, 200m2 of insulated rooflights, and 500m2 of wall cladding were replaced in total.

Remedial pipework inside the building added on additional works at the end of the project; with the client also engaging Industrial Roofing Scotland to complete wall cladding works to an extra elevation to match the building’s new specification.

Asbestos Roof and Wall Cladding Replacement in Scotland

The Results

The results of the roof and wall cladding replacement works were transformative, revitalising the tired building and securing its long-term future. This not only safeguards the building owner’s investment but also assures protection through guarantees from the new composite panel roof (inclusive of the plygene gutter lining system), single skin wall cladding and exterior flashings.

For the merchant, the leak-free building ensures the security of stored stock and allows for optimal utilisation of the space within the building, bringing immense relief. The quick 8-week completion, compared to the forecasted 12 weeks, accelerated the resumption of normal business operations.

Communication played a pivotal role in the project’s success, emphasising the need for stakeholder buy-in, teamwork, and a transparent plan that can be accessed by all. At Industrial Roofing Scotland, our unique approach pairs highly-skilled project teams with custom-built digital tools, delivering key benefits such as transparency, traceability, and accountability for our customers.

Asbestos Roof and Wall Cladding Replacement in Scotland

Customer Feedback

“IRS worked closely with us to plan and implement replacement roof and wall cladding on our premises with minimal impact to our live business operations. Their site team were courteous and kept us briefed at-all-times, a great service all round.”

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