Gutter Investigation, Clean and Repair in Aberdeen

The IRS team recently returned from one of our clients in Aberdeen. The client was experiencing water ingress from the gutters which were covered by our warranty programme; so, the IRS team where despatched to investigate and make any on-site repairs and recommendations to the client.

On closer inspection of the gutters, a full clean and tidy up was recommended as sediment and vegetation had built up since our last visit. Once complete, the team set about investigating any additional areas of concern with the roof and guttering system.  The Plygene Gutter Lining Systems we recommend and install, offer a 25-year manufacturer backed materials guarantee, however, regular inspection and cleaning are recommended to ensure you receive the full benefits of any lining system installed inside any industrial building gutters.

Inspection and Survey

Regular visual inspection and annual gutter cleans are a cost-effective way of maintaining and prolonging the integrity of industrial roofs and gutters. A complete roof and gutter health check was provided by the team following the works, giving the client a broader understanding of the condition of their roof and highlighted potential fail points for future consideration.

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Planned Preventative Maintenance Programmes

IRS offer planned preventative maintenance programmes for that very reason, we’ll return annually, or in this client’s case we recommended a bi-annual gutter clean and inspection. Having a roofing partner to look after and maintain the resilience and up-keep of your company’s roof, allows businesses to focus their time and effort elsewhere, knowing that we’re on hand to look after any roofing issues that arise.

Given the recent downpours, you may have been experiencing water ingress issues of your own. If you have noticed water leaking into your building or overflowing from your gutters, then Industrial Roofing Scotland can help. If you can see pockets of vegetation or blockages in your gutters, we recommend having these cleaned ahead of more rain and snowfall. Often blocked and clogged gutters can lead to more expensive roofing repairs and can damage areas of the building below the gutter. Having guttering systems operating at full capacity can play a significant role in ensuring your building remains in top-top condition over the long-term.

Working at Height

Our team will provide a professional service, which will include a full risk assessment and method statement. Working at height is inherently dangerous and our teams are fully trained, experienced, and well versed in accessing industrial buildings in a safe and controlled manner. In the example above, our team installed a temporary fall arrest system which our operatives connected to, which in turn created a safe working environment for all members of the team. The safety of our team is one of the primary focusses whenever we undertake any work at height.

If you are in need of assistance...

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