Six Reasons to Replace Industrial Rooflights This Winter

As winter approaches, a surge in emergency repair requests is common for companies like Industrial Roofing Scotland. Issues like water ingress and leaks, often overlooked in summer, can escalate during winter weather. Rooflights, susceptible to rain, snow, frost, and ice, are a frequent source of failure on industrial buildings. We’ve listed six key benefits of Industrial Rooflight Replacement.

Industrial Rooflight Replacement by Industrial Roofing Scotland

Image: It’s easy to see the difference between the amount of light entering the building via the new rooflights, versus the old rooflights.

Enhanced Natural Light

Upgrading rooflights improves the penetration of natural light into your industrial building. This not only creates a brighter and more comfortable working environment but also reduces the reliance on artificial lighting, thus lowering energy costs.

Safety Improvement

Increased natural light improves visibility inside, reducing the risk of accidents in industrial spaces. Dank and dark corners in industrial buildings are suddenly illuminated via the increase in natural light entering the space.

Leak Prevention

Deteriorating rooflights can lead to cracks and leaks during heavy rain and snowfall. Replacing them before winter ensures a watertight seal, preventing damage to internal operations, inventory, and stock.

Compliance with Safety Standards

Timely rooflight replacements contribute to maintaining a safe working environment. Modern materials meet updated safety standards, providing enhanced protection against potential hazards such as leaks and structural weaknesses.

General Lifecycle

Rooflights typically last around 25 years. Upgrading to newer versions benefits performance, especially for old industrial buildings that have never replaced rooflights during occupancy.

Cost vs Long-Term Benefit

Despite the initial cost, replacing rooflights yields long-term benefits such as energy efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, improved durability, and protection of inventory and staff well-being. Energy-efficient rooflights contribute to reducing a company’s carbon footprint and can increase the appeal of a property for sale.

In conclusion, industrial rooflight replacement in Scotland before winter is a pragmatic investment. It aligns with the principles of efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness, offering tangible benefits that resonate with both the operational and financial aspects of your business.

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