Case Study | Asbestos Roof and Wall Cladding Replacement

After persistent leaks and water ingress issues casused by an old and tired asbestos roof, Industrial Roofing Scotland were tasked with replacing the entire roof with insulated composite cladding and single-skin cladding on various wall elevations. Check out the case study PDF for all the details.
  • Removal and disposal of existing asbestos cement roof and wall cladding.
  • Approx. 2200m2 of 60mm insulated composite roof panels installed with associated warranty.
  • Approx. 200m2 of insulated rooflight replacement with associated warranty.
  • Installation of plygene liner systems to valley gutters with associated warranty.
  • Approx. 500m2 of single skin wall cladding with associated warranty.
  • Approx. 400lm of weathering detail installed.
  • Pre-existing trimline gutter repurposed. New trimline gutter installed to west side.
Asbestos Roof and Wall Cladding Replacement in Scotland

Case Study | Sainsbury's Gutter Lining

After years of water ingress, spiraling repair bills and loss of stock- Sainsury’s decided it was time to take action with their failing gutters at their distribution centre in Scotland. 

  • The Guttering was cleaned and prepared for the new gutter lining system.
  • New “Plygene” liners were rolled out and fitted into the existing gutter profile.
  • The liners where mechanically fixed into the gutters using stainless streel roof fixings
  • Wind uplift straps were installed as per manufacturers guidelines
  • Syphonic Outlets/stopends were installed using heat wielding process.
  • Sainsbury’s now have trouble free gutters with the added comfort of 25 year manufacturers guarantee.


Case Study | Reel Service Over-Roofing

Reel Service engaged IRS after a number of years of constant water ingress.

The ongoing cost to repair persistent roof leaks and damaged internal stock was the catalyst of Reel Service to consider a long term solution to their aging roof.

  • Years of Accumulated Roof Vegetation was removed and cleaned from the roof
  • Sacrificial netting was laid over asbestos roof to prevent falls through the fragile surface
  • A light gauge spacer bar system was installed
  • Insulation was rolled out to help increase buildings thermal value
  • New metal roof cladding was installed to the new spacer bar system