Over Roofing & Cladding


For various reasons, sometimes it isn’t possible to remove the existing roof or wall coverings on buildings requiring refurbishment works. If this is the case, It may be possible to leave the existing roof and walls in place and install a new lightweight roofing or wall cladding system over the existing coverings. 

At Industrial Roofing Scotland, we are experienced at roof & wall Over-Cladding. We have completed many projects that have suffered from perished or failing coverings such as asbestos cement, corrugated aluminium & corrugated steel.

Due to the existing roof coverings not being removed, roof Over-Cladding is generally a less expensive option than the complete roof or wall cladding replacement.

The key benefits of roof Over-Cladding as a long-term solution:

  1. Less disruption to internal workflow.
  2. Reduced labour (not removing the existing roof or wall coverings).
  3. Lower waste disposal costs (especially when asbestos cement is the existing roof or wall material).
  4. Works completed in a quicker timescale.
  5. The existing roof always in place = less potential water or wind damage.
  6. The option to increase thermal properties using the existing roof or walls as an internal barrier.
  7. Similar material warranties as removal option

These are a range of benefits, if you are considering roof or wall Over-Cladding, please get in touch for professional advice 01592372573.

Industrial Over Roofing & Cladding Scotland