Pygene Gutter Liner installation in Dundee

Our team recently visited one of our clients in Dundee to inspect and remedy approximately 92m of problematic leaking gutters which were affecting the client’s business operations and therefore required a speedy resolution.

Following our survey and inspection we proposed to install a new Plygene Gutter Lining System to the existing perished steel gutters. We undertook a separate Plygene Gutter Survey in association with HD Sharmans – as plygene gutter liner systems are custom made for each individual use case; considering the length, breadth, and profile of the gutter to ensure a snug and watertight finish is achieved. Existing roof structures and fittings are all considerations when installing one of our lining systems and we used the pre-existing roofing architecture to tuck and secure the new liner underneath existing roof sheets with new fixtures and fittings to maximise water capture.

Plygene Gutter Liner Installation
Plygene Gutter Liner Installation
Project Details

The gutter system was split into 8 sections along the valley floor to match the current layout of the gutter valley, with problematic sections also requiring outlet investigation following water build up and poor drainage. Following successful risk, method and plant assessments our team where able to get to work.

The project took our team five days to complete, including cleaning and preparing the existing steel gutters for lining installation; fitting and securing the liners to the 8 individual sections of the gutter spanning the full length of the building, and heat welding the new unblocked gutter outlets and stopends to ensure a watertight, wind resistant and weatherproof finish.

HD Sharmans Plygene Gutter Lining Systems

Plygene Gutter Lining Systems are a great way to refurbish perished and failing gutters on industrial buildings. HD Sharman Plygene Gutters, of which we are a Gold Partner, come with a 25-year material guarantee and can be a cost-effective solution to bring old and tired gutters up to standard and future-proof them for years to come. Our team are fully trained professionals who adhere strictly to health and safety guidelines whilst working at height and come with WAT, CSCS, and IPAF certification.

Plygene Gutter Liner Installation
Sometimes the weather gods are against us.

As with most projects, especially at this time of year, works can often be held up with factors out with our control, with the main culprit being the weather. But despite frost, ice build up and some tricky conditions, our team managed to complete the project on time, within budget and help another client resolve the roofing issues that were hindering their business.

As well as Plygene Gutter Installations, we offer a host of services to the industrial roofing community utilising our expert knowledge, knowhow and professional staff to provide Roofing Repairs, Roof & Wall Cladding, Asbestos Roof Removal, Fall Arrest Systems and Sustainable Roofing Solutions including PV Power Panel Installation.

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