Industrial Roof Replacements

Removing existing  roof coverings and replacing with new offers a more extensive choice of new roofing systems than Over-Cladding. Options to consider when replacing a roof to existing buildings would be : 

  • Thermal value requirements.
  • Different types of Industrial roofing systems (Steel, Aluminium, Uninsulated, Insulated Twin Skin System or Insulated Composite Panel, Standing Seam concealed fixing system or through-fix standard roofing systems).

There is a vast choice of roofing systems on offer, and we can assist and advise on the range of new roofing systems which may be best for your building and within budget.

Roof replacement offers an ideal opportunity to adapt our new roof to these possible changes. Does your building lose heat in the winter? Would additional natural light be of benefit? Maybe your building can be too warm? 

These are some of the choices we can assist with when considering a roof replacement.

Working together, it may be possible to complete a roof replacement while internal operations are ongoing. Planning and communication are essential, as a Company Industrial Roofing Scotland frequently complete roof replacement projects with continuing internal operations. Investing in your building not only offers years of trouble-free operations but also enhances the value of your asset.

Key benefits of Roof Replacement:

  1. Removing the existing roof coverings = blank canvas.
  2. A more extensive selection of roofing systems
  3. Long term health & safety (if removing Asbestos Cement products.)
  4. Choice of Metals, colours & finish.
  5. Increase natural light.
  6. Thermal value can be increased.
  7. Long-term material warranties are available

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Industrial Roof Replacement Scotland