Roofing Supplies Scotland

Here at Industrial Roofing Scotland, we offer both roofing sheet installation and supply. When it comes to industrial roofing, over roofing & cladding in Scotland, it is important to ensure that the raw materials are up to standard so that it can withstand the wet and windy Scottish weather and protect your office, factory or warehouse. It is even more important to know that the roofing supplies are correct for your job.

Industrial Roofing Scotland have been working with roofing supplies in Scotland for many years and have a wide range of knowledge about, and experience with roofing sheets and cladding. This knowledge is important when it comes to purchasing the correct roofing sheets for your industrial roof. Every roof is different so may require different roofing styles, materials and thickness.

34/1000 Box Profile Roofing Sheets (For Roofing & Cladding)

Box profile roof sheeting is by far the most popular profile metal roofing sheets. They can be used for wall or roof cladding. One profile gives 1 metre width cover and then when overlapped the box profile roofing sheets can be made up to 9 metre lengths (or longer depending on the arrangements & transportation). The 34/1000 box profile roofing sheets are the strongest single skin sheet we possess; this is due to the 7 rib 34mm deep profile sections and can be used at a minimum roof pitch of 7º. Box profile roofing sheets are fixed to the roof through the lower profile by using self-drilling screws. 

These single skin roofing sheets are ideal for over-roofing & roof protection. The plastisol coated steel roofing sheets are durable, long lasting and weatherproof due to the overlapped boxed profile design. As long as the roofing sheet installation is done professionally, this type of over roofing will last for years to come. 

The 34/1000 roofing sheets and roofing sheet installation is available on request – call us on 01592 372573 for more information.

Box Profile Sheeting Supply Scotland (32/1000)

Much like the previous box previous single skin roofing sheets, the 32/1000 gives a robust sheet strength with 6 profiles with a width of 200mm between each box profile. The sheet profile hight is 32mm. The appearance of this sheet is prefered by many due to the fact that the profile is lower. When the single skin roofing sheets are used in construction, they can be safely installed at 7º pitch using the conventional lower drilling fastener and are ideal for single sheeting, over cladding & over roofing or as part of a built-up insulated system. 

Box profile sheeting supply in Scotland is available on request.

Corrugated Roof Sheeting (13/3)

Corrugated roofing sheets give the roof a more traditional look compared to the other over roofing & roof cladding available. The Corrugated roof sheeting gives 990mm width cover when it is over-lapped and can be made up to 6 metres; the corrugated sheeting is not as strong as the 34/1000 or 32/1000 due to its smaller profile sections. These sheets may need purlin supports and should be used on roofs at a minimum pitch of 10º. The curved shape of the corrugated roof sheeting means that the roofing supplies need to be fixed through the higher part of the profile by using Tek screws or traditional nails and spat washers. 

41/1000 Tilesheet

The tile roof sheet provides a roof with a pantiled appearance. These roofing sheets give 1 metre width cover and when over-lapped can be made into 6 metre lengths. Due to the profile of the roof, these roofing sheets are not as stong as any of the others we have on offer. The Tilesheet roofing sheets will require purling spacing of 600mm centres and can be used on roofs with a minimum pitching of 12º. Unlike the Corrugated roofing sheets, these are fastened through the lower part of the tile profile to the purling using self-drilling TEK screws.

If you require more information about the roofing supplies in Scotland get in touch with us by calling 01592 372573

Drip-Stop Anti-Condensation Finish Metal Roof Sheets

All of the box profile metal roof sheeting that we provide can be given an anti-condensation polyester felt flock on the underside of the sheet. This is a proven method to help prevent condensation from dripping from the metal roofing sheets during damp & cold conditions without the expense of insulated installation. 

Roofing Sheet installation & Roofing Supplies Scotland

We can help you decide which metal or box profile roofing sheet is best for you. Not only do we offer to roof supplies in Scotland, but we can help you install them too. We have many years of experience and many examples of our work around Scotland.

If you require further information about our roofing supplies Scotland wide and the installation process call us on 01592 372573.